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What to Discuss with Your Divorce Lawyer

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Warrenville Divorce Attorney

After you find a divorce lawyer, you want to meet with them so they can best represent you. The more information you provide, the better it is for your case.

When you have a sit-down with your divorce attorney, here are some key areas to cover:

What Information Do I Need?

When meeting with your lawyer, you want to bring documentation that illustrates your level of contribution to the marriage. Most commonly, this includes tax returns, proof of income, bank statements, stocks, bills, and insurance paperwork. You also want to include debt information, including outstanding loans. 

Take the time to collect documents such as tax returns, pay stubs, credit card bills, and insurance policies, so you are prepared.

Real Estate and Property

Only marital property and assets can be divided during a divorce in Illinois. These are assets and debts that you accumulated together during the marriage. For example, if one spouse bought the family home prior to the marriage, and only their name is on the title, it would be considered non-marital property, and likely go to the spouse who purchased it.

Marital property in Illinois is divided on what is fair to each party in what is called equitable distribution. These divisions are not designed to be “equal,” but are instead based on factors such as the length of the marriage, custody arrangements, and economic situation of each party. If one spouse is the primary caretaker of the children, in an effort to be fair and equitable, they may be granted the family home because it would be the least disruptive to the family.

Child Custody and Child Support

Dividing property or valuables is one thing, but coordinating parental responsibilities (formally referred to as child custody) is another. It is your job to come together and figure out what is best for your child in the form of a parenting plan. This plan determines who is responsible for different aspects of the child’s life, and when the child spends time with each parent in the form of parenting time (formerly visitation). If parents cannot make a decision on their own, or after mediation, the court will step in and make a ruling based on what is best for the child.  

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The divorce process is never easy, but having the right attorney can ease the stress of property division and the creation of a parenting plan. Get it right the first time with an experienced and compassionate Warrenville divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Nancy Kasko, LLC. Contact our office at 630-836-8540 to set up a free consultation.


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