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Avoiding Co-Parenting Conflicts on Halloween

Posted on in Divorce

Wheaton divorce lawyer parenting planThis week, children will walk the sidewalks in costume to celebrate Halloween, but the scariest thing for your child might be the post-divorce arrangements for one of their favorite holidays.

If a parenting plan comes between your child and free candy, they will not be happy. Like any special occasion, disagreements may arise regarding how to celebrate. Sometimes what is on the parenting plan does not correspond with the needs of your child.

Here are some common issues that come up when discussing Halloween:

School Night

This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday. You and your ex-spouse could disagree on curfew or whether your child can participate in certain activities. A teenager may want to stay out late, and perhaps your ex is on their side. Try compromise. Perhaps your child could stay out later than usual, but only if all school work is done for the next day.

Parenting Plan Conflicts

Wednesday might be your parenting time, and if your ex wants to participate in the activities, it might feel like they are stepping on your toes. If the two of you do not get along well enough to celebrate together, try an alternative. One of you could take the children trick-or-treating, then bring them to the other parent's residence so they can show off their costumes and candy.

Tradition Disagreements

Maybe you do not care to celebrate Halloween, but do not want to give up your night with the kids just because they want to go trick-or-treating. Even if Halloween was not covered in your parenting plan, to refuse your child’s wishes for selfish reasons does not qualify as working together in the best interest of your child.


Hearing that your ex made plans for your child on Halloween without discussing it with you can be a disappointment. It is important to communicate with your ex that you would prefer to know such things well in advance. Open lines of communication work when both parties participate. 

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